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Our Specialized Trucking Services

Live Load Tracking for Freight Shipments: Our customers and drivers are our top priority and knowing this we do all we can to provide an extra layer of visibility.  We utilize the country’s largest network for our GPS tracking to enhance our client’s experience and provide real time tracking of shipments.   No matter where your freight is being hauled, the load is being tracked and integration options are available for most tracking applications our clients may prefer. This will eliminate our clients having to make driver calls, and allow the drivers to maintain privacy by not sharing their personal cell phone numbers as well.

Refrigerated Trucking: Our reefer trailers and units are well maintained, and our units downloadable.  This guarantees that produce and other temperature sensitive loads are properly controlled and arrive at their destinations safely from which we can control. Additionally, our trucking company pre-cools trailers so your freight is never put into a hot trailer that takes time to cool off.  We have multiple trailers that we have the ability to utilize for drop trailer opportunities and emergency recoveries in the event of power failures.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast & reliable pickup and delivery

  • Professional and excellent communication

  • Multiple trailers for drop trailer and emergency recovery

  • Flexible work schedules for load coverage

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